Holler Hustle is a marketing resource that is in the trenches with you.

We’re an experienced staff of writers who are seeking out up to date news that is both relevant and informative to your audience.


The idea for The Hustle was born out of a necessity for news that is concise and specific to the media marketing industry.  

The majority of the news that marketers look for is spread across platforms and publications. It can be frustrating when it takes longer to find the news than it does to read an article.  In an industry that is constantly changing we want to distill all the current news into an informed timely source. 

We know you’re in a hurry.  


Ford Edwards is a graduate of the University of the Cumberlands received his degree in Journalism and Public Relations. As a journalist, his goal is to inform audiences with timely and informed content. Edwards is the Lead editor of the Holler Hustle and decided on this path based on his interest in branding, marketing, and graphic arts.



News is constantly being released regarding important changes that are being made to platforms marketers use daily. We proved the news that’s relevant to you.


Seasoned business owners know to keep an eye on the newest methods to promote their business. At the Holler Hustle, we report the up to date topics to help grow what you’ve already created.


Startups are already on the cutting edge of what’s current. You’re constantly Hustling to take what you’ve started and expanded its profitability and reach. That’s we keep it simple and concise because you don’t have time to scour the internet to stay informed.


Let’s Hustle together…

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