Walmart Expands its E-commerce Advertising through Ad Partners

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This signals a significant next step for Walmart Media Groups’ efforts to attract large manufacturer budgets.

Walmart Media Group focuses on establishing an advertising proposition for brands and retail manufacturers. This brings the company’s ad sales in-house and bridging the divide between the store and digital ad teams. It also a part of its broader effort to build up its advertising business.

Walmart is making huge efforts to its e-commerce expansion with the launch of Walmart Advertising Partners. This will expand the advertisers’ direct access to their Sponsored Products campaign and give them more transparency and control. 

In their blog post, Walmart added, “We have something unique to offer brands, the ability to maximize campaigns with rich data insights – based on both in-store and online data – at scale.” Along with the launch is the announcement of its four initial ads API partners: Flywheel Digital, Kenshoo, Pacvue, and Teikametrics.

Walmart chooses its API partners

The blog post went on to explain, the first four partners of Walmart’s expansion towards its search offerings play a vital role in its e-commerce advertising. The partners lead the company’s advertising technology platforms with deep search experience and brand-friendly UIs. They also have a proven history of empowering brands through excellent advisory service and account support.

90% of Americans shop at Walmart annually and with nearly 160 million visitors in local stores and their website every week. Walmart enables brands to reach more customers as it allows measuring the advertising effectiveness across their entire shopping journey. 

Today, brands can tap into the company’s shopper footprint to get the right sponsored ad experience at the right moment through its partners. With the growth of its search offerings, Walmart meets the needs of its advertisers well. This allows them to access the most advanced search marketers and to leverage the power of Walmart through their partner of choice.

What’s next for Walmart Media Group

The expansion of its e-commerce advertising signals Walmart to attract large manufacturer budgets. As for businesses that utilize already use vendors to run Google Shopping or Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns will be able to switch on Walmart Sponsored Search campaigns with relative ease.

The company also offers advertising opportunities that will reach consumers as they are shopping similar to its rival, Amazon. This enables brands to target them with the use of their valuable online and offline shopper data. Earlier last year, Walmart Media Group has acquired the self-serve ad tech platform Polymorph and has integrated it into its existing ad targeting and measurement platform.

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