Verizon Media Preps for 5G Tech

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Verizon Media uses a 5G mobile network to support is updates and AR ads. 

The rise of technology is inevitable and it’s coming for all of us. Verizon Media is fast on its feet with the new updates in mobile networking and it’s now putting its faith to the 5G technology to stay ahead of the game. 

The media company launched its 5G technology to almost 39% of the 30 cities it’s planning to by the end of 2019. Ivan Markman, Verizon’s chief business officer said that using 5G on their AR ads is like putting the ads on steroids. It makes it more vivid and more instant. He further explained that they’re doing a bunch of experimentation on how to incorporate 5G into their system. 

Verizon Media opened its 5G Labs back in April and its purpose is to test out 5G concepts before they launch it to the public. This is where all their magic happens. 

As of now, the media company is focusing on its AR ads using 5G to allow a more interactive experience between AR and live events. Verizon is also planning to launch AR ads in full-screen native Moments ad-platform. This will be seen in Verizon’s family apps in Yahoo such us the News, Weather, Finance, and Sports. 

Other benefits of 5G technology

One of the many ideas that are piloted in Verizon’s 5G Labs is the use of 5G and robots for human safety. Based on the test, a mini humanoid robot is controlled nearly in real-time and automatically computes and adjusts one’s gait. The robot’s ‘eyes’ will send the video data to a human operator who will respond to the call. 

5G’s fast connection is helpful to efficiently transmit data between the robot and human support. This new feature will decrease minor to major accidents from happening. Another Verizon initiative is its partnership with the Mcity Test Facility where they are looking out for ways to use 5G to improve pedestrian safety and veer away from traffic accidents. 

What does this mean for you?

As for public safety, 5G will be helpful to improve conversations between people and improve the safety of many. 

As for the ads, AR ads weren’t a thing looking back two-three years ago. However, recently the trend of AR ads is ever more increasing. According to the Verizon Media, this interest in AR advertising isn’t going anyway anytime soon. In fact, it will only become more prevalent in the future. Just this year alone, marketers will spend roughly $44 million for AR advertising. 

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