Twilio SendGrid launched Ads to the marketing suite

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Twilio now allows marketers to create targeted email, social campaigns, and displays.

Twilio, the email marketing and API provider launched the Twilio SendGrid Ads. It’s a tool to enable marketers to make cohesive, multichannel engagements. Twilio aims to provide marketers with a platform where they have campaign orchestration capabilities in many digital channels. This is a way for advertisers to reach more customers and get more engagements thus saving them time. Instead of creating campaigns in multiple channels, they can create it in Twilio SendGrid ads. 

Effects of Twilio to advertisers

Marketers can now learn from their email data and use these insights to create more effective campaigns. The Ads also allows marketers to target individuals via email automation using their interactions on other social channels including Facebook and Instagram. 

Marketers can now extend their existing email marketing campaigns to other channels and create highly targeted displays without leaving the Ads platform. It’s efficient and depending on the platforms your firm using it’s much easier to make multiple campaigns using SendGrid Ads. 

The process of exporting and uploading files and contacts is exhausting but with Twilio SendGrid Ads, you can keep all your data in one platform and use it whenever needed. 

Sameer Dholakia, CEO of Twilio SendGrid said that their SendGrid Ads makes the multichannel marketing process a lot simpler, faster, and more effective for marketers. Their email intelligence, website data, reporting to engage, and creative assets retarget customers across channels such as Google Display Ads and the already mentioned Facebook and Instagram. 

The company’s goal is not to add channels but to help its customers make campaigns that can reach across channels and use the data from one channel to improve the customer experience on another channel. 

Features of Ads

Ads can grow their business by using social ad campaigns and target old and new users. Other features are as follows: 

  • Direct sign-up from emails within a lead ad on Facebook or their Instagram and feed into an email automation list. 
  • Retarget visitors to websites via Facebook, Google Display Ads, and Instagram. 
  • Find new potential clients by creating a lookalike ad campaign to target people who share similar characteristics to an email contact list. 
  • Target people who have shown interest in a product or offer promoted via an email campaign. 

Twilio is the first in the market to have created this multichannel marketing campaign. It is also easy to navigate and takes away the unnecessary steps in making a campaign. 

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