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Where to start

As podcasts seem to be increasing in popularity recently, small businesses across the U.S. are considering dipping their toes into the pool. With close to 25 percent of Americans listening to podcasts on a monthly basis, building an audience before the listening space becomes too saturated would be a positive step for any business that wants to find growth with the trends.   

Not only can podcasting help businesses interact with their consumers, but with new additions to podcasting platforms, it’s easier than ever to monetize podcasts.  The following are some initial factors and tips when starting a podcast.  

Some start podcasts to share a story, or keep people updated on a topic or hobby, while businesses might want to build a brand, there are countless reasons. It’s important to find a topic, both your audience and the host will be passionate about. Podcasts can run for years, so finding a topic that can be as vast as the potential run of the show is vital.  

Podcaster beta notes, “genres with less than 19% interest can still boast 27.3 million podcast listeners that would consider downloading. So more than likely, whatever it is you’re talking your friend’s ear off about has a much wider — and more interested — audience waiting for you.”

The next thought that may influence your topic is the podcast’s audience. If the podcast is intended to promote a brand then the topic will typically align with the brands already existing audience, though the use of a podcast to attract a more diverse audience can be a clever strategy. Be specific with who the podcast should attract. While it’s important to be inclusive, but addresses the audience as if it were exactly the intended audience.  Define the age, gender, preferences, 

Then after considering user preferences decide on the podcast title and cover art. If you’re stumped initially try recording a bit of audio for the podcast and use that to ease into the driver’s seat. Listen to the audio and find a reoccurring aspect or theme of the content.  Then strive for individuality when it comes to both the title and the art. The site The Audacity to Podcast has a lot of really great info regarding album artwork. 

All that being said — careful consideration before starting the podcast is important to create a unified voice and message for the audience. For more information on podcasting and marketing news subscribe to the Holler Hustle. 

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