Pinterest’s Updates its Lens Capabilities

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visual search technology is getting even better and has identified over 2.5 billion objects in the fashion and home industry. 

Pinterest announced its updates to its Lens capabilities. With the lens, Pinterest adds fashion and home-related Shoppable Pins to visual search. Which makes for an easier search when looking for specific kinds of products.

How does it work?

Users using Lens can search for items that they’ve photographed in their phones. They can also upload existing photos from their gallery and Pinterest’s visual search will help by looking for the items that are similar. 

When users Lens an item, they can check the listing for matches of that item and then save the image to a board and keep it as a reference for future searches.

The platform made a survey on how effective visual search is. Pinterest found out that 80% of Pinterest users do a visual search before they start purchasing items. Other results from the survey are the following: 

  • 85% of shoppers favor visual search than text search 
  • 55% of consumers say that visual search impacts their style and taste
  • 49% of shoppers have better relationships with brands because of visual search
  • 61% of consumers say that visual search improves their shopping experience 

These stats prompted Pinterest to focus more on its visual search and integrated shoppable pins into it. Then the shoppable pins direct the buyers into the checkout page of the product.

Updates matter 

Pinterest is marking its territory as a competitor in the e-commerce zone. Amazon is reported to be developing a version of the Lens feature called StyleSnap. This feature works in a similar way that the Lens feature does. Users can take a photo from their phone and Amazon will then find similar products to the photo using image recognition. 

Amazon explained that StyleSnap provides recommendations including brand, price, range, and customer reviews. 

Facebook is also warming up to this eCommerce territory with its Dynamic Ads option. This option lets users purchase items without leaving the Facebook app. 

Pinterest has a unique niche and they’ve been effective in targeting their audience. Those who want to reach buyers in the home and fashion markets will fit right in. With the addition of Shoppable Pins, brands are now given more opportunities to appear in searches and recommendations. This also shortens the gap between product searching and purchasing. It would be a smart move for brands with home and fashion products to look closer into Pinterest and see how they can leverage the platform for their benefit. 

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