New Tool for Instagram Just Launched

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Instagram’s new tool allows users to choose which accounts would show up on their feed.  

The photo-sharing app, Instagram, added a new tool to enable its users to see the accounts that they interact most with and the accounts they interact the least. This tool is especially helpful for those who keep a massive following in order to pair down with the ones they need to reach out too. 

Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, tweeted about the new tool. Users can now group their following list into different categories. The app collates that data from the past 90 days in creating the categories. Instagram measures the frequency of liking posts and reacting to stories in deciding the accounts that are most active.

The categories are as follows:

  • Which accounts users see often
  • The accounts users interact with the least
  • Accounts from the earliest to latest followed

An Instagram spokesperson said in an interview that the company has always put emphasis on bringing people closer together, however, relationships and interests can change over time. Instagram pulled out this new feature for this reason. Users can manage their accounts and keep the accounts they are most interested in and invested in. 

Using the feature

Users can get access to this feature by going to their profile and then the following tab. Once there they can check out the new categories and explore each of the categories. This is beneficial for both the app and its users. While Instagram users and marketers can clean their feed, Instagram too will earn something out from it. 

Cleaning the feed will make accounts more engaging, it allows people to interact more with other users, and thus will add more revenue for Instagram. Engagement means revenue for the social media platform. 

What does this mean for you?

Marketers and brands tend to have thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even a million followers and more. This causes too much content in their feed that sometimes, the more important accounts and leads get lost in the noise. 

Using the Following category, they can sift through the accounts that aren’t engaging with their content. It can trim down their following list and keep the ones that give high engagement. Users will then be able to see the accounts that they are truly interested in. Marketers will be able to assess how many of their followers are liking and reacting to their content. 

The new feature is now out and users are now free to try it.

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