Lazy Loading will be available in WordPress 5.4

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Check out this WordPress 5.4 feature

WordPress dropped several features for its version 5.4 and talked about these features in detail in their blog. The main focus of the development is the addition of the lazy-loading images that are important in the page load performance. The feature is still in the beta-testing stages but if all go well, then site owners and webmasters will be able to see it in the launch for WordPress 5.4 this coming March. 

What is lazy-loading? 

This feature has been used to increase performance for years now. It allows a webpage to postpone loading certain images or resources until they’re needed. This, in turn, results in much faster loading and it saves data for users. This is especially helpful for site pages with high-resolution images. 

As of now, people are suffering from a slow loading page due to eager loading which is the exact opposite of lazy loading. The site loads everything at once, including the heavy images. This leads to poor page performance. 

Felix Arntz, WordPress committer and Google’s program engineer wrote that this new feature will help WordPress pioneer a way for a faster web overall. Site owners will be able to improve their sites’ performance using this default setting. What requires technical knowledge to do then has been simplified by WordPress so that those without enough education no how lazy loading operates can still use it for their sites. 

Lazy Loading plugin

Check out the Lazy Loading plugin that’s already available in the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin is dependent on native browser support only without adding any extra javascript. The default system sets all images to load not in bulk. WordPress notes other loading attributes that would be allowed for lazy loading are the following

  • Images in post content
  • Images in post excerpts
  • Individual images rendered via wp_get_attachment_image ()
  • Images in text widget content
  • Avatar images rendered via get_avatar
  • Images in comments

Site owners can join the beta testing now. 

The pilot test is undergoing 

WordPress is calling out to site owners who wish to join the beta for lazy loading feature. It is available in WordPress’ plugin repository. Feedback on the test will be used to further improve the feature before it sets out for release this March. WordPress encourages testers to share their ideas, questions, and comments on the new feature in its support forum or via Github repository. 

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