Google Helps Consumers and Business Owners

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Lead form extensions give marketers and business owners the ability to have contact information from potential customers and provide them with a faster method of sharing their information. After consumers click on an ad the lead form extension and fill in their information that data is sent directly to those in charge of the ad account.  

This makes following up with customers even easier.  One benefit of this extension is that users don’t have to click off to the site to fill out the form.  The extensions is a great way to draw in customers who are searching Google for products, services, or your company.  

The ad extension has been in the testing phase for a while as Search Engine Journal reported. To initiate the extension users tap a call-to-action button, and they are brought to a Google-hosted form that is instantly filled with the info stored in the user’s Google account.  

Google explained in a post about the extension, “ By implementing lead form extensions, Totalplay reached users who were actively searching for internet, TV, and phone services on Google Search. As a result, sales leads closed at a 20% higher rate than other lead generation efforts.”

As part of the purchasing journey, customers often want to research their options to make sure they are investing in the right product. Studies show that 88% of US customers research products before buying online or in-store. 

Decreasing the time that customers spend reaching a product and providing the company with the ability to approach customers and answer inquiries. 

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