‘App’athy is marketing strategy’s downfall

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There is a plethora of audience waiting for you through mobile apps, are you taking the plunge?

Content consumption on mobile devices has been skyrocketing in the past years. The use of apps in smartphones accounts for more than half of smartphone usage. Mobile marketers can easily unlock the targeting capabilities of these apps and use them to their advantage. 

In-app marketing has shifted the dynamic of digital marketing, especially with the rapid growth of the Asian marketplace. Marketers who ignore this fact are making a huge mistake. 

In-app advertising and its benefits 

People are getting busier each day resulting in short attention spans when it comes to advertising. They no longer have the time to turn to traditional ads. This is where in-app advertising is filling in the gaps. The app-based marketing industry attracts consumers’ undivided attention in ways that TVs, billboards, and radio commercials may not. In-apps take up the entire users’ screen when its shown, unlike other traditional platforms. 

These things make in-app audiences valuable to marketers. In-app ads are far cheaper than desktop counterparts and the click-through also rates for apps also double in mobile. Shopping is the fastest growing app category these days as purchasing decisions are mostly made from mobile devices. 

Marketing Drive reports, according to brand safety and anti-fraud firm Integral Ad Science (IAS), the quality of the app and the ad’s environment has a huge impact on the ad’s reception. Additionally, “Ads seen in high-quality mobile environments were viewed 74% more favorably than those seen in low-quality environments, per the report, “The Halo Effect: Ad Environment and Receptivity.”

Apps to host your brand 

Looking for apps to host your brand isn’t that difficult to find as many social media platforms are offering that service. Social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have their audience networks that marketers can use to widen their reach. Snapchat is allegedly developing the same audience network. 

Aside from social networks, Google and Microsoft are big assets to begin the process of advertising and monetizing apps to connect to more audiences. 

The digital marketing industry is a huge one and it can be overwhelming at times. Stay tuned into the Holler Hustle for updates on the newest marketing trends, so you can stay up to date.

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