Apple WWDC 2019 – almost everything you need to know

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Apple took its sweet time in the annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference giving all the new things coming to Apple devices next year. 


People have been waiting for this multi-user support feature for a long time and now it’s here. Similar to Google Chrome, AppleTV now supports multiple accounts on a single unit. Each user has the freedom to create their accounts without dealing with the recommendations from other family members/users. It can also now support Xbox and PS4 DualShock controllers. 


WatchOS 6 is welcoming a reimagined Audiobooks. A fresher Voice Memo app, Calculator, and App Store are also coming to the watch next year. Another upgrade is the Activity Trends which will now have arrows and notifications to motivate users to get off the couch. 

There’s also the new noise App, a decibel meter that protects the wearer from the loud environment. It displays warnings when users are in places that can impact your music experience. Another feature coming to watchOS 6 is the cycle Tracker which allows women to log their menstrual cycles, and their fertile windows month after month. 


Probably the most interesting feature coming to Apple devices is the dark mode. This isn’t new at all because dark mode has been coming to other services as well. Another good thing is the time-synced lyrics while listening to your music. Apps that have been rebuilt and changed includes Reminders and Maps. 

Apple users will also have a new privacy feature like ‘Allow just once’ which allows apps to have extended privacy permissions once. Users can now also organize your photos in the Photos Apps. With advanced machine learning, duplicate photos are automatically removed thus ensuring a much cleaner photo album. 


By next year, your Siri can start reading your incoming messages and reply to them instantly. This feature is called announce messages and will be coming out in iOS13. Users can also share information to fellow iPhone users may it be a message, a song, contact details, or others with just a tap. 


Swift was designed to promote productivity. It is simple and it allows developers to make apps with fewer codes. It will now be easier to make apps for tablets, watches, phones, desktop, and TV. 

Several other additions and features are available in our previous article. It is both exciting and exhilarating to know all the new things coming to the Apple devices by 2020. 

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