Apple is Back At It Again

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It’s the biggest day of the year for Apple and everyone in the tech world knows it. 

Apple held it’s annual fall launch at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, CA. Tim Cook along with the other big faces of Apple came to play and brought some new toys with them.

What’s new at Apple?

  • iPhone 11

One of the biggest announcements is the iPhone 11, its new iPhone model and a successor to the iPhone XR with an upgraded camera. The new iPhone 11 comes at a hefty price of $699. 

The iPhone 11 Pro comes with a 5.8-inch OLED display and not to be outdone the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 6.5-inch OLED display. These two new models come with telephoto cameras and sell for $999 and $1,099, respectively. iPhone 11 will be available for pre-order on September 13 but it will officially launch on September 20. 

Apple clearly invested much in the camera system on this new line of iPhones and as since they’ve been lagging behind other smartphone brands. Specifically their phones have come up short when compared to the camera capabilities of phones like the Google Pixel 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S10+. With the new iPhone 11, they are hoping to turn the table in their favor. 


The iPhone 11 comes in six colors – green, red, black, white, yellow, and purple. The cameras have two options like the wide and ultra-wide mode that you can switch while capturing your best moments. The video supports 4K to 60fps and it has an improved low-light picture via the Night Mode. 

The triple camera of the iPhone 11 Pro is a scene-stealer. It has wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto camera which is perfect for photographers and videographers. 

  • Apple arcade

The Apple arcade will have more than 100 exclusive games that users can play on their iPad, iPhone, and Mac. There will be a subscription fee should you want to access all the games in the library. The Apple arcade will be in the App Store on September 19. 

The tech giant’s streaming service Apple TV+ will cost $4.99 monthly and will be launched on November 1. This will consist of some big names in the industry including Oprah, Steve Carell, Jason Momoa, and more. 

  • New iPad

Apple also revealed its seventh-generation iPad that comes with a 10.2-inch retina display. It’s fast and is comparable to a laptop when it comes to efficiency. Apple said that it has 10 hours of battery life. The enclosure is made up of recycled materials. The new iPad costs $329 and the iPad for education costs $299. You can pre-order yours now and get your own by the end of September. 

Apple has always been known for its product innovation and while many are skeptical to the point pessimistic of their approach in their events, it can’t be denied that they make some major changes in the history of modern technology and it seems they intend to help promote these innovations through industry advancements.

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