AdsWizz Announces Podscribe for Podcasts

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The Podscribe is the podcasters’ tool to transcribe speech-to-text audios for contextual advertising targets. 

The audio advertising technology company, AdsWizz announced its new tool named PodScribe which is a new way to target podcast ad campaigns. Podcast advertisers lack a tool to help them scale their target ads, and they often end up putting in ads episode by episode.

PodScribe uses speech-to-text transcription technology that will analyze podcast content. This tool will enable advertisers to use targeting campaigns based on keywords, concepts, topics, and interests. 

The PodScribe will provide advertisers with valuable targeting and brand safety features to further monetize their podcast. The tool has been in the private beta stage for over a year and is being piloted with leading podcast publishers. 

Brand safety with AdsWizz

To ensure brand safety, the digital advertising company AdsWizz partnered up up Comscore. With PodScribe’s transcription capabilities and Comscore’s activation solution suite, advertisers can reach specific audiences in a brand-safe environment across desktop and mobile platforms. 

“The podcast industry can only truly take off if ad buying is easy and accessible,” said AdsWizz CEO, Alexis Van der Wyer. This tool is part of their goals of pushing forward the podcast advertising that will be both beneficial for listeners and brands. This more is monumental in the podcast industry considering the massive listeners there are in the U.S. alone. It is estimated that over 67 million Americans tune in to podcasts on a daily basis. The podcast industry is one of the fastest-growing channels that advertisers can use to reach out to more clients. 

What does this mean for you? 

The podcast industry is growing by the day, and since January 2018, Podcast mobile app usage increased to 60%. The ad revenue is expected to exceed $1 billion in 2021. This projection prompted Spotify, a leading audio streaming service, to venture into advertising and started offering services for ad buyers. The lack of scalable targeting was an issue until AdsWizz officially announced PodScribe. 

Advertisers, agencies, and buyers can now tap the podcast listening audience using PodScribe. This will also help advertisers to improve their target ad campaign via AdsWizz’s AudioMatic platform. Advertisers can also use PodWave, another feature available in AdsWizz. All these features are helpful for podcasters, advertisers, and brands to monetize their inventory more effectively. 

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