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New Podcast production tool

The world’s biggest podcasting company, Acast announced the launching of Acast Open on Thursday. It is a platform that brings the most podcast production offerings to different business’s size. “With Acast Open we’re combining the simplest, smartest way to host and share your show with the might of the world’s biggest podcast company,” says Johan Billgren, Acast co-founder.

“When we founded Acast we did so with a simple goal: to make podcasts better for everyone,” says Billgren. He further added that their plan is to increase the “breadth and depth” of the content for the listeners which can be achieved through supporting the podcast creators on their platform. Today, the company launched its own podcast host called Acast Open to support even more businesses who wanted to start in podcasting. 

The service offered three subscription levels: Starter, Influencer, and Ace. It comes with different levels of support and analytics. The starter subscription is free that comes with basic analytics and website for the podcast.

Advantages of Acast Open

The new podcast host was created to replace Pippa, a technology platform that provides hosting, analytics, and monetization capabilities for podcasters. It is also open to everyone. Podcast creators will experience the smoothest hosting and get access to the market-leading metrics through Acast Open. It also provides exclusive functionality such as automated episode transcription and Snipper audiogram tool.

Acast Open subscribers including the former Pippa users will automatically access the platform and experience the world-class tech stack such as the slick product suite. Brands may be invited to be monetized if they found to be attracting a “significant enough listenership.” They may be invited to join the premium network of the platform as well.

Brands can be set apart from the rest of its competitors if it adds to a larger industry conversation. This is a great edge for product promotion and engagement with a larger audience. Acast Open was launched and available in English and French languages. The company said that there are more languages to follow.

Podcasts growth and popularity

 “It brings additive value to the traditional media reach,” says Sally Yu, the director of research and insights for BBC Global News in a recent event. Podcast has been in the top three forms of audio content being consumed today. Brands and marketers flocked to this marketing strategy as it gained more popularity with audio streamers.

Adobe Analytics reported in their survey that podcast app usage grew 60% over the past year. This has become a new advertising opportunity for brands and marketers. It also leads to taking marketing content to a new level.

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