YouTube’s Verification Requirement Updated

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The new verification eligibility will be more into the channel’s authenticity. 

YouTube updated its verification requirements for creators and branded channels. The platform has received thousands of complaints from creators regarding impersonation and many voiced out their confusion on the badge’s meaning. The updates are expected to address these issues.

Trashing out the old system 

YouTube said that the earlier verification system was for a smaller community then but seeing how huge YouTube has become, it’s only right to have its verification process overhauled. YouTube did not comment on how they will be doing this but it’s assumed that they’ll use human curation and algorithmic signals in verifying the accounts. 

 New YouTube criteria 

YouTube channels with more than 100,000 subscribers can apply for the new verification process but that limit will be removed. This verification will reopen by the end of October this year. If the channel is suspected to be impersonating, the channels won’t be verified and will be taken legal against. All the channels must be authentic and complete. This means that channels must be set in public and must have descriptions. Channels also need to have icons, contents and must be active on YouTube. 

The verification is now focused on authenticity and prominence. Channels will now be verified it represents the real creator, brand, or company they represent. As for prominence, channels will be checked if they represent a well-known or highly searched creator, artist, public figure or company. It would also matter if the channels have a strong presence outside the YouTube platform. 

These new criteria are applicable for all channels, however, channels that meet the standards, need not apply for it. Verified channels will have checkmarks next to their channel names. 

What does this mean?

Marketers whose job is to evaluate the influencers on the platform may be impacted by the new requirements. This will make the verification for them easier since YouTube will do the verification process. Marketers can now have a pool of verified accounts with the help of the checkmark indicator beside the channel name. They don’t need to focus on their subscriber count or views. 

As for the creators, this verification process opts for them to make quality content on YouTube and outside of it. Creators with a niche audience will also have a difficult time being verified because of their lack of presence outside YouTube. Channels with questionable ways of driving traffic and views will not be verified. Follower count is no longer the basis of being seen as an official channel. 

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