YouTube’s Content Moderation is Catching Creators in a Crossfire

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YouTube is taking a step further in tackling extremism.

Created in what seemed like ages ago, the year 2005, YouTube has now become a giant of a platform. Coming next to Google, YouTube is now a sought-after search engine around the globe. With the number of users to control and content to take charge of, it has now decided to take a more aggressive role in reprimanding supremacist content.

YouTube announced in their blog last Wednesday that they have been in the process of protecting the YouTube community from harmful contents. In order to push this goal, they have focused their efforts into four aspects – raising up authoritative content, rewarding trusted creators, removing violative content, and reducing the spread of borderline content. Minutes after the news, YouTube started out removing channels and videos of various users.

YouTube begins the takedown

Among the few early channels is owned by the independent journalist named Ford Fisher (News2Share). His channel covers activism, politics, and extremism. Some of his videos include gay right parades and supremacy rallies. After taking down some of his videos, his channel was demonetized.

This was a blow to Fisher since YouTube is his primary source of income. He argued that he isn’t spreading hate speech and when it comes to seeing things from a good perspective, YouTube doesn’t seem to be caring much that their content creators be paid fairly.

Jared Holt, Right Wing Watch’s investigative reporter shares the same sentiment. He said that YouTube must be there for their content creators and not against them if they really want to foster a healthy community. If they want something deleted, they need to explain it and if they demonetize a channel, they should at least give instructions on how to appeal it.

According to YouTube, this decision will result in a thousand channels to be removed. For now, Thulean Perspective, Xurios, and The Great Order have been wiped out from YouTube.

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