New Holiday Influenced Ad Spots on Youtube

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Google adds new add placements to Youtube to prepare for the holiday season.

Over the coming holiday seasons, users could see more advertisements based on their gift research. Google is increasing the visibility of Showcase Shopping ads that will be released to take advantage of shoppers’ activities when looking for the best holiday gifts. Based on their searches shoppers could see scrollable images of products they might enjoy.

Earlier this week Google announced Sitelinks will be included in TrueView for action ads. 

Google explains TrueView for action ads as, “TrueView for action campaigns help drive leads and conversions by adding prominent calls-to-action (CTAs), headline text overlays, and an end screen to your video ads.”

A TrueView ad is one that gives users options an example of this is the option to skip a video after 5 seconds.  Part of this holiday push will be Google’s extension of these ads to YouTube. Part of these changes includes ad space on Youtube’s home feed. With these new ad updates, users will see “suggested products” that users can cycle through that will be displayed as search results and between videos.

Most popular digital platforms are working hard to make the buying experience as seamless as possible. This keeps users on the platform and creates more opportunities to build revenue for those who are advertising and the platforms themselves. Google adds that in beta testing these new ad updates increased conversions by almost 25%

These updates to Google’s ad offerings can provide, brands, marketers, and businesses with new tools that could prove really useful as customers begin to plan gifts for family and friends.

In Google’s blog detailing the updates, Nicky Rettke, a product manager at YouTube writes, “we’ve made YouTube video ads more interactive, giving viewers useful and actionable information like store location, interest forms, and additional calls-to-actions to help you drive more conversions.”

The addition of these ads has been simmering for a while, and since 2015 the site has seen a growing audience that uses Youtube during the holiday season to learn what the hot gifts are. In Google’s blog post, Rettke added in the near future Google will add Sitelinks to these new ad additions. 

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