Youtube Creators Can Filter Comments

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 YouTube found a way for creators to sift through comments efficiently. 

Comments are important in every social platform. It encourages and opens the conversation and it creates a bridge gap between the creators their followers. The comment section fosters rapport between creators and individuals. 

With the number of comments that creators get, it’s almost impossible to find specific comments. 

The Google-owned video-sharing platform introduced an easier way for creators to find and reply to comments. Creators have every reason to celebrate as this new feature allows them to go through all their comments and specify those that are questions. 

For many YouTube creators who get thousands of comments in their videos, this filter system is a great way to connect directly to their viewers. From YouTube’s blog, the new filters in options are as follow: 

  • Response status – comments that creators have already responded to
  • Comments with questions – comments that include questions
  • Subscriber count – number of subscribers that the commenter has (at least 1,000 – 10 million)
  • Subscriber status – whether the commenter is a creator’s subscriber
  • Member status – whether the commenter is a member of the YouTube community 

The new filter system is far more effective than the one that creators are using right now. What creators did before was keyword search. They can type in “awesome” and comments with the “awesome” word in it will show up. 

How to use the filters

Creators can start using the filters by going to their YouTube studio using their desktop or laptop and from the left menu, they can go to the comment tab to use the filter bar. Depending on the creator, they can combine filters to narrow down the comment search. 

Another added feature is the ability to see various search results by just using keywords. YouTube said its post that previously, typing out ‘subs’ would only show you the results with the exact word but with the update, the search pans out beyond the exact match of the words. 

YouTube is a growing community and it keeps on updating its filtering system to cater to the needs of the creators and make their lives easier. 

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