WhatsApp rolls out “Catalogs” for SMBs

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Small businesses can now make catalogs by uploading images, price list, and links to their products and services. 

WhatsApp, a family app from Facebook, introduced the “Catalogs” feature for the WhatsApp Business app. SMBs can now show their products along with the prices of each product for customers to browse. The Catalog feature is now out in Brazil, India, Germany, Mexico, UK, and the U.S. This feature is expected to make it easier for customers to check the products and services that a business offers. 

WhatsApp’s product catalog was previously announced during Facebook’s F8 developer conference along with other new features. But it was just recently that the feature is released to a select market. 

Share products and services

The Catalog is a way for businesses to showcase their products and services in their WhatsApp Business app. Consumers can search and discover businesses on the platform as well and browse products directly on business profiles.

Owners only need to upload images of their products or services, put on a short description, product codes, and the price. If they have a business website, they can also put the URLS of their product pages. Consumers can not purchase directly from the app but they can put on the links where consumers can buy the products.

This is an efficient way for businesses to reach out to their potential and existing customers. They no longer have to send them photos of every product and type in descriptions and prices for each. Their customers can just browse and send them a quick message if they want more information. Business owners will seem more formal and can keep their customers engaged in the chat without them having to visit their websites. 

What does this mean for you?

Big businesses and established companies have Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other platforms to drive revenue for their businesses. This time, small businesses now have their own platform where to reach out to their customers as well. 

WhatsApp is now becoming a commerce platform for small businesses. If it becomes successful, WhatsApp may decide to include transactional capabilities in the future so that purchases will be made directly in the app. 

With over 1 billion daily users and 1.5 billion users overall, WhatsApp is becoming a giant platform that Facebook intends to monetize from. 

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