WhatsApp just hit the 2 Billion Mark

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp reached another milestone by reaching over 2 billion users worldwide. 

Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 billion, it was by far the largest buy-out that Facebook ever had. Facebook has 2.5 billion users. Instagram has more than 1 billion. Facebook surely is on a roll. The app is easy to use, reliable, and private and because of this WhatsApp’s now has 2 billion users.

WhatsApp capitalizes on end-to-end encryption 

In terms of the number of users and its system, WhatsApp is the messaging app to beat. Famous for enabling people from around the globe to connect to their families, loved ones, employees, and more. It allows for personal and face-to-face communication with people who are from great distances. 

While there are other messaging apps available, an appeal to WhatsApp is its end-to-end encryption. This acts like a secure digital lock that ensures your messages and attachments sent over WhatsApp are safe from hacking and other cybercrimes. Users are assured that the messages sent using WhatsApp stay between the sender and the recipient. Not even the creators of the app have access to the messages and calls.

With privacy being such an issue, lawmakers are imposing the importance of digital security.

The call to remove encryption 

WhatsApp’s tagline is to promote security using encryption. Though many are against the idea and want to exploit the said system. The Indian government is trying to create regulations that would give them access to the encrypted messages in the app. The same is true for Australia and the UK.

Citing reasons that subjects relating to sex trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism, and others can be hidden via encrypted means. Many lawmakers are strongly suggesting for encryption to be taken down. 

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is adamant in its position on its end-to-end encryption. Facebook, wrote a response explaining that giving the backdoor access could create more issues. Opening that door would give criminals and hackers the chance to enter the system and exploit peoples’ privacy who are using the platform. 

What does this mean for you?

Just recently, WhatsApp recently launched a new feature that allows brands and businesses to create product catalogs in their WhatsApp profiles. Having more users would mean that brands now have over 2 billion people to market to and target. Depending on what your target audience is, WhatsApp is a great platform to increase brand awareness and increase revenue.

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