Twitter is more profitable than ever

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How is your business capitalizing on Twitter? 

With many recent updates to Twitter’s ad features, and across industry return to the platform, and evaluation of the best practices for business might be in order.  It’s important to note that it wasn’t until 2017 that Twitter became profitable. The following is information on best practices with Twitter, statistics backing the necessity of the medium’s use

It wasn’t till the late 2000s that Twitter started to make a name for itself and despite its lasting influence on other platforms it wasn’t till recently that marketers could capitalize on the platform in a true marketing sense.  

Hootsuite notes that Twitter,” posted its largest profit ever in Q3 2018. The stock market likes this bump: Twitter was #21 on Forbes’ Top 100 Digital Companies list for 2018 (beating out Facebook at #26).”

So what can we as marketers do, outside of ads, to display the best version of our clients as well as utilizing the platform efficiently within our agencies? 

Firstly, it’s important to beef up the account. Before we evaluate the content making improvements to the profile itself is potentially just as important 

Profile Housekeeping-

  • Use a high-quality logo from the company or brand
  • Don’t neglect the Bio. Be clear. Use the bio to link to the company website or recent work.
  • Find a header image that works regards of the device the account is being accessed on
  • Make sure the twitter handle is concise

Twitter has recently been making intentional strides to improve the platform for all users. For instance, Twitter recently made changes to the platform to fight hate speech and bullying.  These updates to the platform convey attention to the user’s experience and could play a role in the increased use of the platform.

Posting – (2-3 Times a Day Max)

  • Evaluate the intended audience for posting (it may differ from other platforms) 
  • Promote new projects – fans and consumers want to be apart of the action
  • Be active in the field – promote movements in the specific industry and share opinions
  • Engage with the audience whenever possible
  • Share relevant tweets
  • Focus sharing images and videos whenever possible 

Twitter has always been a great method of communication with an audience because of the speed and format of the platform. Its chronological feed helps users to stay up to date on their favorite brands, causes, and friends. This format coupled with the platform’s focus on notifying users to content updates makes it a great avenue for industry updates and informing consumers. For information on the new updates Twitter has made their ad platform check out the following article, and for more marketing updates subscribe to the Holler Hustle.

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