Twitter Test a Long-Awaited Feature

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Twitter lets users hide replies

For those that might not be super Twitter-savvy hiding, replies are the same as deleting a comment under your Facebook or Instagram posts. The feature will be great for those that want to monitor what friends comment on their post, though for businesses this could be a game-changer.  

The feature was recently tested in Canada and is soon to be available in the states. Now when users what to prevent others from seeing replies from other people users can simply hit hide replies at the top right of the tweet. Though it’s important to note that when a reply is hidden the author will be notified. 

Twitter has made changes to its platform recently to prevent bullying and discrimination, and this seems to be another step in that direction.  Additionally, those brands trying to convey a message on Twitter can monitor the comments that are left below a post and decide on which belong and which are demeaning to their brand.  

Though replies can also be brought back from the shadows, in a similar fashion to how the comment is hidden. Simply tap the reply that was hidden and click unhide reply. Additionally, users will not be able to see tweets that mention other users from their profile. Though through the general search features tweets that mention other individuals can still be found.  With this change, Twitter has also given users the ability to mute keywords.

“With this test, we want to understand how conversations on Twitter change if the person who starts a conversation can hide replies,” Twitter explained in a blog post. 

Twitter went on to add – 

  • Most users so far have hidden replies when they find the posts – irrelevant, abusive or unintelligible
  • 27% of users noted that they were likely to reconsider posts in the future after they had replies that were hidden
  • To prevent confusion and frustration Twitter will also check in with users to see if they would like to block the account that sent the reply.  

This is a great opportunity for both users who want to curb who has a say on their account, and brands that want to interact with customers without that impact being lessened by persistent negativity. 

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