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Tweeting within the Twitter Web app  

For those Twitter-savvy, businesses and brands that don’t want to pay for a third-party application, Twitter is testing native scheduling for posts. This addition to the microblog / social media platform could increase traction on with the site with the addition of this service.  

While there are other services that provide this functionality Twitter wants to add it directly into the platform. TweetDeck is Twitter’s scheduling, tracking, and multi-tool. On TweetDeck’s Twitter account they announced that Twitter is experimenting with adding the scheduling tool to the web features of Twitter.  

Some users already have access to the feature. From the desktop version of the site, users can decide the tweets the date and time that the post goes out. Though it isn’t clear how many users are part of the test, based on the test being rolled out to some of the general public that could bode well for the feature being released to everyone.  

After a tweet is drafted, tweet preppers can select the three dots and users will be given the scheduling options. For marketers who haven’t made the jump to subscribing to a paid scheduling service, this option could be a huge benefit. Additionally, for new businesses that don’t have an internal marketing agency this easily accessible feature. Those who do use scheduling apps could have the option to work within the platform.  

Most Twitter users don’t utilize scheduling apps, and opening scheduling opportunities makes it easy for those who aren’t familiar with social media scheduling to have access to a useful feature.    

Keeping users within the Twitter browser not only keeps them on the platform but also it makes scheduling even easier.  

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