Twitter gets Hacked

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Twitter’s legacy feature is now temporarily disabled after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account gets hacked. 

Tweeting via SMS was once Twitter’s biggest feature but is now a legacy as most users’ are using their Smartphones to cruise around Twitter. Still, the feature continued to be available until recently when Chuckle Squad hacked its CEO’s account and posted offensive tweets. The tweets were up for about 10 minutes. The account was secured after an hour and a half and Twitter added that the platform’s system wasn’t compromised in any way. 

The tweets were said to come from Cloudhopper. Twitter worked with the company in the past for its SMS service. When a user texts 404-04 using a phone number linked to his Twitter account, the text will automatically post to Twitter. 

Twitter pointed out that Dorsey’s phone number associated with his Twitter account was compromised because of a security oversight by the mobile provider. The oversight allowed unauthorized individuals to send tweets via text messages from the phone number. 

Tweeting vis SMS

There are issues in SMS tweeting because it makes hacking your account very easy most especially of your phone number if stolen or when hackers take hold of your number. Once they have your number, they can use the SMS feature and post under your name without being logged into your account. 

Twitter partly blames the mobile carriers for not addressing this kind of vulnerability and allowed this misuse to happen. Additionally, Twitter is also aiming to improve its two-factor authentification system as it depends on text messaging that compromises users. 

It’s temporary, says Twitter

Twitter announced that this is just temporary to protect its users’ accounts. The company said that they are taking necessary steps so that it won’t happen again to any of their users. The feature was reactivated after a few hours in some locations that depend on SMS to tweet. However, it remained to be disabled for the rest of the users. It may take a longer time to bring this feature back and some are even expecting that it might not be back at all. 

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