TikTok Releases its First Software Development Kit

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The video-sharing app is expanding its influence by integrating third-party apps and developers. 

TikTok launched its first SDK enabling users to upload video content to the TikTok app via third-party apps. The software-development kit includes new tools for easier integration with third-party apps and developers. The app makes it easy for its users to share their videos across platforms. 

The users can now tap on ‘Share to TikTok’ from the third-party app’s editing panel. TikTok named Adobe Premiere Rush as its initial integration partner. Users can edit their videos using Adobe’s features and share their edited videos with TikTok. Aside from that, users can capture videos and edit content using the apps available in Adobe Premiere Rush including speed changes, aspect ratio editing, audio control, transition, and more. 

Other partner apps are as follows: 

  • Plotaverse, a looping video app
  • Fuse.it, an AR app
  • Medal, a gaming highlights recorder app
  • Momento GIF Maker, creates moments from photos in the users’ device
  • PicsArt, an all-in-one photo and video editing app
  • Enlight Videoleop

TikTok wrote that this new feature will improve and increase the content available in the app. It will also diversify the types of videos that users can discover and use. Users now have multiple platforms to create new original video content that is of high-quality using third-party apps and their creative tools. 

Other tools included in the SDK

The TikTok for Developers program also has other tools to let developers embed videos on the web, make demos, and developer documentation, as well as additional features. The terms of service restrict the developers’ to collect and gather users’ personal data and activities. If the developers violate the terms of service, their access will be removed. 

This is in connection to the recent national security review that the U.S. did on TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, and its acquisition of the U.S. app, Musical.ly for $1 billion. TikTok didn’t announce the future developments for the developers’ program but rest assured, it will keep on expanding to cater to more apps. 

What does this mean for you?

With a diversified content based on the users’ preferences, brands will have better targeting and reach in the platform. Businesses and brands can utilize the 500 million users of the app and target their audience accurately. 

‘By engaging with the TikTok SDK, third-party developers will not only provide a new channel for creators to share their creations but also expand the reach of their own platform through specified partner hashtags,’ wrote TikTok. Brands can take full advantage of the increase of engagement to the app now that it integrated with other apps. 

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