TikTok Bans Political Ads in its Platform

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No political ads allowed, says Blake Chandlee, TikTok’s VP of global business solutions. 

TikTok is putting space between itself and other giant social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. As announced by the company, they have chosen to now allot political ads on their app. 

Chandlee further explained, the paid ads are in the TikTok community adhere to certain standards and political ads do not fit the platform and its community. Ads that promote or oppose candidates, political leaders, political parties, political issues from local to federal levels, and other election-related ads are not allowed. 

Focused on its roots 

Video-app, TikTok, is a platform that fosters creativity among its diverse users. Since its launched, the app has been focused on increasing its user growth. One of the most effective ways to do that is to improve its advertising offering. This includes in-feed video ads, launch-screen ads, sponsored hashtags challenges, and many others. It also launched a beta version of Creator Marketplace to connect brands with creators for their marketing campaigns. This could open opportunities for both brands and creators. 

Despite all these ad advancements, the app is adamant in its stance against political ads. In the post, Chandlee wrote that they are focused on creating an entertaining and authentic experience for the users. The company goes back to its mission of inspiring creativity and building joy among its users. 

Challenges in political ads

Other social platforms are facing significant challenges with political ads. Facebook created a system to check the credentials of political advertisers, and advertisers are asked to submit sensitive identification information including:

  • Phone number
  • Street address
  • Tax ID number
  • US Federal Election Commission ID number

Facebook also launched a transparency ad tool in its policy to limit and hopefully eradicate the spread misinformation. Twitter also requires a certification process and plans on creating operational and tooling support for its political advertising policies. Snapchat imposed transparency too and requires political ads to have a “paid for by” tag for the ads. 

TikTok’s decision of banning political ads isn’t new, it’s more of a reminder to political advertisers about its existing policy. This statement shows its strong stance against political manipulation and misleading content. 

TikTok is a community where users, creators, and brands can come together to build trends while having fun in the process. Chandlee also stated that the app is a free zone and for people from many places who just want a positive and refreshing environment. 

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