TikTok Announces Plans for More Transparency

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TikTok challenges other tech giants to open their algorithms and promote transparency. 

TikTok continues to prove it’s committed to the welfare of its users and pushes transparency. CEO Kevin Mayer wrote in a blog post that the company aims for fair competition and invites others to do the same. The company now allows outsiders to access its algorithms and observe the company’s moderation policies as it happens in real-time. Mayer said that his company believes that they should put their platforms in exceptionally high standard and a way of doing so is by disclosing their algorithms, letting regulators access their moderation policies and data flows. 

TikTok invites the regulators to peek at the things that are normally out of their reach instead of just waiting for them to come by and check their data practices. 

TikTok hits the right spot 

This announcement couldn’t come in any better time as four of the biggest tech companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google) are facing scrutiny from the House Judiciary’s antitrust panel. All these companies have pointed out that they are facing competition from global markets, Zuckerberg even pointed out TikTok as competition in the same space. He further added that competition, along with democracy, inclusion, and free speech are the values whereby the American economy was built on. 

However, he made mention of how China is creating its own version of an internet world that’s far different from the ideals of the US. Mayer isn’t so happy about that statement and commented on how Zuckerberg’s criticism is a disguised patriotism. Zuckerberg’s statement may be used against TikTok and may further put the company in a trying situation. 

TikTok fights back by opening its platform and encouraging transparency. Something that Facebook hasn’t done and the reason for the heavy criticism that the company is constantly facing. This also acquits TikTok from the accusation of censoring its content to get the favor of the Chinese government. 

What does this mean for you?

The US government is still considering banning the use of TikTok in the country. The company isn’t deterred and instead, it’s putting the pressure as TikTok offers opportunities for creators and small businesses. Mayer said that American advertisers will be affected once TikTok is banned. They’d be left with fewer choices and platforms to put their ad campaigns. TikTok has been amassing millions of daily users and it’s been adding features to improve its advertising platform. 

Mayer is adamant in his plans of making all necessary measures to ensure the long-term success of TikTok not only in the US but in the global market.  

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