Tidal is Now Integrated Into Snapchat

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Tidal and Snapchat members can now share music with friends around the world.

Snapchat invest in audio streaming

How music is enjoyed has drastically changed over time, and streaming has become a major piece of how music listened to. Brands and services advertise their catalogs through music streaming due to convenience and cheap price. Other platforms offer it for free allowing easy access compared to any physical format.

Due to the popularity of audio streaming, Snapchat takes its platform into another level by integrating the application called Tidal. Tidal is considered one of the best music streaming app, only third to Spotify and Apple Music. Tidal also revealed similar integrations in Instagram and Facebook stories too.

Teaming up with Tidal 

Tidal brings artists and fans closer together through unique original content and exclusive events. It is considered as an artist-owned global music and entertainment platform. Tidal’s streaming services houses more than 60 million songs and 250,000 high-quality videos. It also has a series of podcasts and original videos in its catalog as well. 

Tidal is committed to creating a more sustainable model for the music industry. It is available in premium and HiFi tiers which include the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) recordings. It is available in 54 countries and compatible with Windows, iOS, and android.

How does it work

Snapchat users can use the new feature in three easy ways. While users have to be Tidal members to use the new feature, users can share their content via the messaging application by clicking the “three-dot menu” on their Tidal apps. Users can then share their music, videos, and podcasts to their Snapchat followers. It’s an integration of messaging and audio streaming applications.

Tidal allows 30-seconds playable preview for shared videos. Songs, artists, and playlists will be shared as still images. The integration of Tidal effectively boosts Snapchat’s revenue and users’ interest. 

What does it mean for you

Snapchat becomes the frontrunner of the music industry because of its new feature. It attracts more users to come to the platform. Brands and services have begun to see the value in reaching these users. Many brands are incorporating their own catalogs in the application. This new feature is promising for content marketing and to raise brand awareness. Snapchat’s integration with Tidal audio streaming made listening even more convenient and cheaper. 

Snapchat is also less restrictive and more user-friendly. Advertisers capitalize on these features and are coming to invest in the integration of their advertisement with the application. Especially with Snapchat’s extended video ads, it’s becoming an advertiser-friendly platform as well. 

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