The US Government Plans to Ban TikTok

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The secretary of state says that the government is considering banning TikTok and other Chinese apps. 

Following the tensions between the US and China, the US government is now considering banning Chinese social media apps including TikTok. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo told Reuters that they are looking into it as lawmakers raised national security concerns due to the app’s way of handling user data and how the Chinese government requires its domestic companies to support the intelligence work of the Chinese Communist Party. 

Although Because of TikTok’s involvement with ByteDance, being it the parent company, the US government is concerned about the possibility of the Chinese intelligence pressuring TikTok for handing over its data to the Communist Party. 

India bans TikTok and other Chinese apps

The Indian government first announced its decision to ban TikTok and other Chinese apps into its land after their border clash. Facebook took advantage of it and released Instagram Rels, an app with similar features. The government accused the banned apps of engaging in activities that are prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India. 

In response, TikTok sai that the company has complied with all the data privacy and security requirements imposed by the Indian government. The company has not violated any law and has not shared any information about the users to any foreign government including the Chinee Communist Party.         

TikTok separates itself from China

 With the international success of TikTok, it’s been pushing forth much effort in distancing itself from China to avoid disputes. The app is not available in China and it’s reported that it’s exiting the Hong Kong market as well. At the moment, TikTok has an American CEO and hundreds of employees and leaders across the US. The company’s goal it so makes the app secure and safe for all its users. Tiktok has said that they’ve never given any data to the Chinese government and will not do so even if the Chinese government asks for it.      

What does this mean for you?                                

 TikTok has a massive user base in the US and it’s the most downloaded app in the first half of 2020. That said, it’s a golden opportunity for brands and advertisers to jump into. Recently, TikTok is placing itself in a good position in the advertising market and opened the TikTok for Business for SMBs, brands, and advertisers. If the ban will be pushed through, it will be a great loss for many brands who have started to use the platform for their marketing strategy.

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