Telegraph Attracts Younger Audience Via Social Media

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Instagram and Snapchat are Telegraphs’ new method of attracting younger audiences. 

The Telegraph, the national news source, is now closely paying attention to their social media presence as they monitor users’ journeys on both Instagram and Snapchat. With the goal that it will help them figure out the content that resonates with their audience and opt them to subscribe to their news. 

Beth Ashton, head of social at The Telegraph shared that there are a number of factors to consider in order to figure out the content that appeals to the younger generation. Regardless, the publication’s main goal is to entice engagement from younger audiences and to introduce their content to them. 

Telegraph’s social media team 

The Telegraph has been aided by a special social media team. Six members of the team are focused on their Instagram strategies while the other five members are focused on Snapchat Discover. 

Using Instagram, the publication can track the engagement of their posts based on their subscriptions. For the past year, their followers on the platform have doubled and 53% of their followers are below 34 years old. The increase of followers is due to a focus on creating interesting stories on Snap.

The publication does not create separate posts for their social media, they instead revamp or recreate their original content and make it Instagram friendly. Their Instagram stories are simple, due to the medium, but the content has proven to be concise and informative. The obituary of John Humble, an individual who was masqueraded as the Yorkshire Ripper, was turned into an Instagram’s story and featured audio from phone calls to further the story while also adding depth.

Snapchat Discover 

The Telegram’s Snapchat Discover tab was launched in June of 2017. The feature has proven to be a huge asset to the publication. Additionally, this tactic has proven to be the most established strategy of reaching the younger audience, and it has shown more ROI than the efforts on Instagram. Their Snapchat channel has an average of 1 million views a day and 50% of the views come from followers between the ages of 18-24. 

The Telegraph is also using WhatsApp, a messaging app owned by Facebook, to increase their digital presence and drive subscribers into the publication. The Telegraph reported that users on WhatsApp have higher chances of becoming paying subscribers if they sign up using the WhatsApp channel than in the official publication site. 

The publication has also found that users who follow the articles via the WhatsApp link read more articles than the usual readers thus increasing their engagement. 

What does this mean?

Brands and marketers recognize the importance of metrics in improving their social media presence. If brands want to target consumers and audience, using social media platforms are the most effective way to go. Utilizing platforms that lend to younger audiences can help to create rapport and brand awareness with those who might be unfamiliar with your brand.

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