Startup Social Media App Brings Celebrities and Fans Together

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An app that fosters celebrity-fan relationships via text. 

In 2017 Matthew Peltier presented the Shinmur app. The app is designed to bring artists and fans together in conversation. Shinmur then raised $7 million from Arena Ventures, Greycroft, Right Side Capital Management, Luma Launch, and Techstars. Unfortunately, the project never took off.   

In 2018, talent manager Guy Oseary, of Sound Venture, and his investment partner Ashton Kutcher joined together to relaunch Shinmur and later rebranded with the new name Community. 

Community is a Stan Monica-based company and already raised $35 million in two convertibles notes after the recapitalization and rebranding earlier this year. Investors have valued the app at over $200 million, however, a Community spokesperson said that there is no valuation for the company yet because of the nature of the convertible notes. 

Community has yet to complete the public launch and is now in the process of convincing celebrities and companies to get on board. 

What is a community?

Community, then Shinmur, began in 2014 as a Reddit-style mobile app that allows users to join Tribes or groups and create/upload content on their favorite influencer (YouTube/Instagram stars). The startup company began redirecting to Digits.Chat early in 2018. It’s a private beta that’s related to Community. Community is now on the way of building a platform where fans, influencers, and artists interact. 

The hype returned when actor Ashton Kutcher tweeted in January telling his fans to text him. A writer from Wired tried to reach him and was brought to the Community registration process. Just last July, Kutcher once again subtly promoted Community in his tweet this time including his number on the post. 

Oseary, on the other hand, remained tight-lipped on the matter and declined to comment on Oseary being named a co-founder. 

Community is not an evolution of social media 

In a blog post by Matthew Peltier, Community Co-founder & CEO, he said that social media is a one-to-many type of communication whereas Community aims for one-to-one communication. With community, the people in a group can talk about many things and can form relationships by engaging with other members in the community. This new method of communicating with influencers and celebrities

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