Social Networks Dominates $57 Billion of U.S Dollars into Programmatic Display Ads

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U.S. advertisers invested more than $57 billion into the programmatic digital display advertising.

A significant portion (56.3%) of the $57.30 billion is being funneled into digital display ads will go to social networks. It will be utilized for banners, videos, and other display ad units across social platforms. As advertisers continue to prioritize the video and network ad formats, it is predicted that social shares of the programmatic ads will rise in 2021.

Programmatic advertising is defined as the use of automation for the buying, selling or fulfilling of digital ads. The report from eMarketer predicted that 83.5% of the total digital display ad will be spent this year. Continued investment in areas such as digital audio, social video, connected TV, and over-the-top (OTT) advertising will drive U.S. programmatic ad spending to approximately $80 billion for the next two years.

Why invest more in Social Networks

“Advertising in a cookie-free mobile app environment where users spend much of their digital time is complicated and difficult,” says Eric Haggstrom, the forecasting analyst at eMarketer. Social networks prove to be the major exception. He further added that “they have made it relatively easy to target audiences at scale in an in-app environment.” Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat proved to have a strong performance as forecasted. It has been expected that advertisers will continue to search for social networks for the upcoming months.

“These sites have the scale and identity capabilities that advertisers want,” says Lauren Fisher, principal analyst at eMarketer. She added that this matters because if advertisers are having a hard time tracking, targeting, and measuring due to privacy restrictions. Brands investing more in programmatic digital ads may want to increase the revenue of marketers across their social networks.

Impact of programmatic display ads in the future

The primary method of buying digital media in the U.S is made over automated media. Social networks have been categorized as programmatic and being known as dominating the display landscape. The report of eMarketer estimated that Facebook, in particular, will consume 83% of social ad spending. This enables marketers to make a decision about focusing more on social media platforms for their ads rather than another marketing strategy.

eMarketer also forecasted an increase of 57.6% social share by 2021. This kind of marketing has seen to be the future of advertising across websites. It is essential for marketers to have the knowledge and learn the processes involved with programmatic display advertising.

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