Social Media Giants Team up Against Covid-19 Fake News

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Tech giant companies have come together to fight the spread of fake news about Covid-19. 

Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are working to fight against fake information regarding the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. Facebook explained they are working with other forces to help in avoiding the spread of fraudulent news about the virus. They are also imploring other companies to join in their efforts to work for the good of the public. Google also released a similar statement regarding its fight against the virus. 

Social Media companies under fire

Social media companies are facing huge pressure in taking down fake Covid-19 news such as fake cures, testing methods, and other claims. Facebook and Twitter have banned several ads pertaining to the virus. Both platforms have said that they will instead highlight trusted information from government agencies related to any coronavirus-related terms.

Tech Crunch’s reported Twitter is now reviewing its rules and meeting regularly to make changes that will benefit the public. LinkedIn provided trusted sources where users can find information on the virus. Linkedin also added best practices that they can use when working remotely. 

Google makes action 

Just recently, Search engine giant Google announced its round the clock Covid-19 incident response team. Alphabet’s CEO, Sundar Pichai explained that Google’s leaders and response team are working closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to make critical decisions for their offices worldwide. 

Google has an SOS Alert to connect people with the most recent news and safety tips regarding the virus. There are also links to authoritative sites like the WHO, so searchers can read factual information. Google is also working with a Covid-19 panel to provide specific and relevant information such as symptoms, preventions, and treatments. 

There are also changes in YouTube as the homepage now directs the users to local organizations for more information. There is also a donate ad inventory for the government and NGOs that are most affected by the virus. 

While Covid-19 is seemingly slowing down in Northeast Asia, the same thing isn’t true for the rest of the world. Others are still fighting head-to-head against its rapid increase of victims and fast mortality rate. Many industry giants have also joined forces in donating medical help to heavily impacted countries. 

Companies have been showing aggressive efforts in making a difference and preventing the spread of Covid-19. 

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