Slack has a New Face with Major Updates

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Slack’s biggest redesign is here and it made the app a lot simpler. 

Slack has started to roll out major updates to address issues that users have been pointing out for some time. Some of the changes include sidebar customization, a compose button, a top navigation bar, and more. This is Slack’s largest redesign by far. Ethan Eisman, Slack’s VP of Design said that the team took many of the app’s original features and reorganized these features to make them simple to use. 

Slack first launched in 2013 and quickly rose to fame among developers. At the moment, the communications app is used by many individuals for education and for work, especially these days when most professionals are required to work from home to avoid the spread of Covid-19. 

What’s new in Slack?

“From my team’s perspective, we want to make sure that the experience is as simple to understand and get on-boarded as possible,” says Jaime DeLanghe, Slack’s director of product management. She further explained that they’ve taken down the slash commands to give way to more advanced tools that weren’t available in Slack’s previous versions. The updates they have made in the past, although made for the efficiency, created interference for the app. With the new Slack, users can expect a more organized Slack. 

Despite these additions, slack looks like won’t change much, the new updates are more of refinement for the already existing features. 

The New Slack 

One of the major changes is found in the app’s UI. The navigation and searching within the app has been made simpler. There’s also a collapsible section in the sidebar for users to group their channels and messages. However, the channel customization feature is only accessible for Paid users. Other things coming in the sidebar are mentions, files, people, apps, and reactions to messages. 

Source: The Verge (create messages anywhere in Slack)

Users can now organize their sidebar depending on how they deem fit. Channels, group direct messages, and others can be grouped in one section by drag and drop method. You can also enjoy the new compose button in the sidebar to let you create your messages, regardless of the channel you’re currently in. There are also 11 new themes coming to the app. For those who have tried the violet themed Slack version, users can just change it to their liking. 

What does this mean for you?

Coronavirus has been labeled as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Due to this, more and more of the workforce has been asked to work remotely or work from their homes. However, the load of work hasn’t changed – workers still have to do their jobs. Several communication apps such as Hangout Meets and Zoom have made changes to accommodate the work change. Slack is making these changes to make it easier for communication lines to be open. 

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