Shopping on Instagram Opens to More Businesses

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Instagram is giving more options for businesses and creators to earn money on the platform. 

Instagram announced the expansion of its shopping platform to include more businesses and creators. Creators and businesses can be eligible for the new changes by going over its Commerce Eligibility Requirements. It’s a guideline for interested businesses should adhere to if they want to start selling on Instagram. 

Instagram said that the platform is open to all who are looking forward to joining the foray of e-commerce. It’s open to artists, musicians, food blogger, and any other creator who want to sell their merchandise and other products to their customers. Instagram released this feature just in time for its rival, Google, as its also working on making its platform open to diverse sellers and giving its creators and SMBs more options to earn more revenue. Just recently, YouTube also allowed its creators to sell their merchandise in the platform where YouTube takes a small commission from it. 

Instagram further said that businesses must tag every single of their products on Instagram via a single website that they own and sell from. This will allow customers to have a trusted shopping experience. This also means that once businesses try Instagram Shopping, they can’t link their items to other platforms including Amazon. They can link them to other approved eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. 

How does it work?

Instagram has updated its sign-up process to make the platform accessible for small businesses and creators. Users are notified once they’re done signing up and approved. There is also an updated onboarding process for existing businesses in the coming weeks. It will have instructions and guidelines that they can follow to make the transition. 

If you want to see the updated Commerce Eligibility Requirements, you can go to Instagram’s Help Center. The requirements will be effective starting July 9 in all markets supported by Instagram Shopping. 

What does this mean for you?

Even before the pandemic, eCommerce has been one of the biggest revenue streams of many businesses. It’s been easier to reach more customers and make a much wider customer base online. eCommerce is also Instagram’s focus as it brings small businesses and creators into the platform. With millions of users, it’s a reasonable platform for small businesses and creators to dive into. It gives them a space to put their products and reach out to their consumers and potential customers in a more personal and direct way. 

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