Sharing Spotify Music to Snapchat Made Easy

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The new option lets you share whatever you’re listening to in Spotify directly to your Snapchat – convenience at its best. 

Snapchat announced its integration with Spotify which allows users to share their Spotify activities using stickers in their Snapchat stories. 

The Snapchat app automatically makes a snap that shows that song info and album art of what you’re playing. The snap can then be sent to your friends or your stories. Podcasts, songs, albums, and playlist can be shared too. 

Along with Snapchat, Spotify users can also share their tracks to WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, IG stories, and just recently, Facebook stories. 

Widens reach for artists 

This sharing option impacts artists in a positive way as people who see the Snap of others can tap on the Snap and they’ll be directed to the music or podcast being shared. This opens a huge door for many artists to promote their music to Snapchat’s 203 million daily active users from teens to young adults. 

How does it work?

Spotify explained how its app and Snapchat work perfectly together. With Spotify, users can listen to their favorite music and podcasts anytime, anywhere. While for Snapchat, users can share their activities simultaneously. The sharing option combined the two apps in a seamless way. 

To share, follow the simple steps below: 

  • Tap the ‘share’ menu while listening to any song, podcast, album, or artist. The menu is the three dots on the top right of your screen. 
  • Look for ‘Snapchat’ and select it from the dropdown list. 
  • You will be directed to a new Snap with the album art of the songs you’re playing. 
  • Edit it and send to your stories or directly to your friends. 

Spotify brings its A-game 

The competition is stiff for Spotify with competition like Apple and Amazon music in the mix. Facebook is also brewing up plans of making a new app called Threads that’s more into sharing content with closer circles instead of a wider audience. Making connecting more personal. 

Spotify continues to expand and grow despite missing out on their quota earnings for the second quarter of 2019. According to the report, they were 500,000 users short of their 8.5 million new subscribers quota. This new sharing option is expected to rectify their shortcomings and to reach more audiences that can be turned to paying subscribers. 

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