Retailers Link Paypal to their Google Merchant Center

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Google’s announcement of a Paypal integration along with the free product listing last month is now live. 

Retailers can now connect their Paypal account to their Google Merchant Center accounts. Google’s move of making it free for retailers to put their products in Google Shopping is a way to support companies amidst the pandemic. With PayPal integration, it is much easier and faster for advertisers to change their paid campaigns. There is, however, a small fee that retailers must pay as a service fee. For new retailers, the integration will be useful for the merchant verification process. 

PayPal to Google Merchant Account Integration 

Once retailers and advertisers have logged into their Google Merchant Center account, they need to click on the Tools icon located in the upper left of the page and tap on the Linked accounts from their Settings menu. Select Platform to see the PayPal linking option. Retailers have to opt into Surfaces in Google for their products to appear in Google Shopping’s organic product list, Google Search, and Google Images. 

In other news, along with other companies, PayPal is also offering support for small businesses, retailers, and employees while the p[andemic is going on. According to an open letter posted by Paypal in the previous month, the company continues to provide its customers with a safe, secure, and affordable way for digital payment services. 

Many businesses and retailers have turned into e-commerce to keep the cash flow going. With the new ways of selling and purchasing, people rely on digital payments. PayPal has been able to provide its 305 million active user accounts with access to secure payments and high conversion rates in the payment industry. PayPal has created the iZette Advance to help businesses face the pressure on their cash flow. Paypal continues to adjust its business model to accommodate the changes in the retail industry. 

What does this mean for you?

As promised last month, Google has finally announced that PayPal integration is now live for its retailers in the U.S. It will give retailers and small businesses more options to choose from. Platforms such as PayPal lower the barriers for merchants to get their products listed on Google. It is another way for them to expand their reach beyond their usual audiences.

PayPal will not be the only platform to be integrated into Google Merchant account, as mentioned, Google will also be bringing other players to the platform to make the selling, and purchasing transactions more efficient. 

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