Pipedrive Acquires an Email Automation Tool

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Pipedrive prepares to strengthen its email marketing capabilities with its acquisition of Mailigen. 

The sales industry is ever-growing and tools improve the system are created in a rapidly. One of the tools uses CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology to manage a company’s relationships with customers and target customers. Pipedrive, a popular CRM company, just announced its first acquisition. Mailigen is an easy-to-use email marketing automation and is a big addition to Pipedrive. 

With Mailigen, Pipedrive customers will have an easier way of generating leads and nurturing their customers. Pipedrive’s Co-founder and CEO, Timo Rein said that it’s their vision to make sales successful. Pipedrive’s acquisition of Mailigen supports their goal of giving customers the ability to qualify leads and close deals more effectively. It’s also a way of managing their existing customers by providing them an email marketing solution. 

Pipedrive x Mailigen

Based on Pipedrive’s survey, “38% of sales professionals in the U.S. and in the U.K. use email marketing for lead generation and customer engagement.” The results of the survey further convinced Pipedrive to take Mailigen into its family. This gave them the ability to integrate Mailigen’s email marketing system into Pipedrive’s CRM. 

What’s next for both companies? 

Pipedrive and Mailigen will focus on connecting their technical platforms and organization to come up with a new public offering. The hope is that this will provide value to their customers. 

Janis Rozenblats, Mailigen’s CEO and co-founder said in the official statement both Mailigen and Pipedrive have world-class professionals and technical teams. Rest assured, they’ll be able to create a more focused and solid sales and marketing solutions for its clients. Rozenblats will keep his position as the email marketing head in the Latvia office. He will additionally manage Pipedrive’s fifth development hub along with Lisbon, Prague, Tartu, Estonia, and Tallinn. 

What does this mean for you? 

Through CRM, businesses can ensure that their customers are well taken care of. It’s a systematic way of checking their leads and making follow-ups. With Mailigen’s email marketing automation, making a follow-up is easier to do. Integrating the CRM data to email campaigns increases the likelihood of lead generation, engagement, and buying consumers. 

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