Starting Off Your Pinterest Optimization Plan

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97% of the most popular searches on Pinterest are unbranded, this leaves a huge window for advertisers to interact with their audience on a platform that has 291 million monthly active users.

Close to 70% of online consumers who’ve used Pinterest to search for products have found an item they purchased or wanted to purchase. With this in mind, 25% of the Global fortune 100 companies utilize Pinterest. 150 million monthly users are led to sites like Google, Facebook, and Amazon from Pinterest.  

Pinterest explains their platform fills a gap for small business. In a press release Pinterest explained, “Small businesses turn to Pinterest to reach new customers since pinners often come to the platform when they are actively considering what to do or buy. This means they are open to seeing new and engaging ideas from businesses.”


–   Setting Pinterest apart from search engines like Google or Bing, Pinterest’s ranking factors are more dependent on engagement statistics such as social shares as opposed to linking back to other sites. Though without understanding the best practices in Pinterest search engine optimization it’s difficult to succeed.

Start with a Business account

(or change a personal account to a business account) Making this change gives access to the ad manager and analytics.

Decide on an SEO friendly Username

Think on what users will be searching for because the username is included in the user profile.

Fill out all of the account fields

Adding to the “about you” section with pertinent information and a company logo.

Create boards with company products

This is the first step to adding products-

–   Similarly to many social media platforms businesses can transfer data from the company website directly to Pinterest campaigns. With this functionality users can also be directed to your businesses website to make a transaction.  To get this process started there are some preliminary steps.

Add the Pinterest Tag

Basically Pinterest’s version of a Facebook pixel, Setting up a Pinterest Tag is an important set in the process of improving SEO. This snippet of JavaScript allows businesses to create conversion events linked to the company website. With this functionality site admin can report profile performance and segment audiences.  

Save Button

With just a small piece of HTML, Businesses can increase reach and provide users with the ability to save images from the business site to their personal boards.  This “SAVE” button will appear when users hover over your sites images.

Get your Site Verified

Doing this will add a profile picture to all of your pins. Above is a link to help you start the process.  

Set your Business Goals

Pinterest reports the following stats explaining how valuable their network can be as a lead generator-

Through Pinterest the gap in a user’s purchase journey can be bridged.  

Using your historical site data you’ll be able to find a direct path for your business’s goals on Pinterest.  With this in mind you can decide what aspects will be taken care of by organic searches. Starting with a trial period within a Pinterest SEO campaign will help to direct goals moving forward. A good rule of thumb is to start pushing commercial efforts after you’ve earned trust with your audience and Pinterest as a site.  

– Research your Keywords

Beginning the process of looking for keywords within Pinterest is a good place to start. The next few bullets should help you choose the perfect board and pins topics.

Use Guided Search                                                                                                                   

Starting This function on Pinterest narrows the users focus and find more searches that fit the users inquiry.  Based on this initial search Pinterest will suggest modifiers based on the search. These can be a good choice for keywords.  

These practices, and the statistics above are important for the early process of Pinterest SEO, and will help to jump start the process.  It’s important to cover as many bases as possible when considering search engine optimization. Remember to always stay updated with the best SEO practices, algorithms in the digital landscape are always changing.

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