Pinterest’s Well-Being Feature

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Pinterest tries to make a positive impact on users

It seems that Pinterest has added updates to their platform every month lately, the newest addition they’ve pinned are well-being activities. As platforms push for more personalization it seems that Pinterest is also trying to supplement the user experience by providing an interactive way to improve the mood of users.  

Now released in the U.S. this functionality will be enabled when users make specific inquiries within the app. For instance, if users search for stress quotes or emotional health the new feature will show up in the results. 

The feature was created in collaboration with the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation, Brainstorm, and the Vibrant Emotional Health and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. While the well-being function is meant to help support positive moods, Pinterest adds that the feature is not meant as a replacement for conventional methods. 

Though the features aren’t constrained to helping users be less stressed there are also tools to help users practice self-compassion. Pinterest has a wide reach of millions of monthly users. When taking into consideration that at some point 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness at some point in their life according to the Center for Disease Control. 

With this new feature, the platform could have a positive effect on its wide user base. Pinterest explained there reasoning behind the creation of the feature stating, “Over the years we’ve worked with experts to make it easy for people in distress to access supportive resources. Together we wanted to create a more compassionate, actionable experience that tries to address a broader emotional spectrum of what Pinners may be looking for.”

Pinterest explains, additionally when it comes to privacy, that users’ information will not be stored when it comes to usage of this feature. Interactions with the activities will be private and won’t be connected to users’ accounts. This is important to note because that means users won’t be advertised based on their use of this feature.  

Platforms are becoming more personalized and with that, they are integrating a wide range of features to supplement the users. For more information on the platform, updates subscribe to the Holler Hustle.  

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