Pinterest Launches Pinterest Shop for SMBs

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Pinterest is aiming to continue updating the Pinterest Shop with products from select businesses. 

Just like the other big giants in the advertising industry such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Pinterest is now joining in. The platform just announced its new feature on Monday that’s in preparation for the holiday seasons. 

The new Pinterest Shop feature added a new dashboard that shows the profiles and products for small businesses in an Etsy-style layout. Currently, it has 17 small businesses on board that trade and sell unique goods. Small businesses can also update and upload their catalogs on the platform. Products added to the profiles will automatically be converted into “product pins” where  Shoppers can click the pin with a shopping tag to see its up-to-date pricing and availability. 

Pinterest continues to tap into the e-commerce industry

Pinterest launched its “shopping hub” for retailers and marketers last August with aims to expand its audiences outside of ad campaigns. With their efforts, the platform has seen a 2x increase in their ad spend and a 1.3x higher return from traditional search. 

The company’s native visual platform served as the discovery engine for users to search for ideas. This is the reason users can view numbers of product pins and decide to make a purchase efficiently. Pinterest is proving to be a force in the advertising and e-commerce field and will be bigger in the years to come. 

What does this mean for you

Pinterest Shop lets brands and retailers promote their unique goods and products to millions of consumers. From home to fashion, marketers can put their collection of items to their improved visual search feature. The well-developed dashboard has become an easier way to make a purchase as well. Having the ability to connect with audiences on a more personal level will help drive sales. The easier purchasing will also be helpful for rush buyers. This opens opportunities to get a higher revenue, especially with the coming holidays. 

Pinterest gained more popularity while brands and marketers become more discoverable. The new feature increases the growth of revenue and continues to be more recognized as a raising e-commerce platform and a social networking site.

The Pinterest Shop is clearly targeting small businesses as it offers them a platform where they can promote their products and services in a much wider audience. Pinterest is turning its attention to small businesses akin to Instagram and Amazon. 

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