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Get custom recommendations after filling out your profile.

Yelp announced that they’re personalizing the user experience and tailoring the search results and the homepage based on their preferences. This means that consumer’s results are specific and prioritized. Making the keep search for the perfect night out even easier.

Akhil Ramesh, head of Consumer Product at Yelp expressed that two people searching for the same thing, get different personalized results.

Personalize your Yelp

Users can go to the Personalize your experience option in their setting tab and choose their preferred options on dietary restriction, lifestyle, accessibility needs, foods, and interests. Once done, your search will start showing personalized results.

Yelp says that while this isn’t a new concept, the company is making an intentional focus on its image as a personal concierge. They’re doing this by using AI and machine learning to help them towards their goal. The app is also getting its data from reviews, photos, and questions.

Who benefits from this?

This personalized search is great for people with specific needs in terms of diet and mobility. Users who have strict diets due to medical and religious reasons can utilize these new features to save themselves time. People who suffer from certain diseases, like Celiac, and adhere to a gluten-free diet would likely look for restaurants that serve gluten-free options.

This is especially helpful for people who are limited in terms of their mobility. A wheelchair-bound customer can directly see businesses with more accessibility options.

How does this affect the ads?

Ramesh said that this won’t affect the ads but eventually, ads that are shown will be tied to the users’ preferences.

This option is only available for 60% of iOS users today and will be available for all iOS users in the fall. Android users will have subsets of these features too but the full version will not be available until next year.

Aside from this change, the app is also planning to redesign its search platform in the coming year.

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