No More Activity Snoops on Instagram

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Stalkers around the world are now apprehended with the removal of the “Following” tab on Instagram. 

The Following tab looks fine on paper but there have been many reports that show how the tab was used for stalking activities. Instagram took action against stalkers and decided to remove the tab this week. The activity feed won’t be showing users’ activities including what the users like, comment, and follow. 

Instagram started removing the tab in August for some users but it’s just this week that it’s removing the tab for everyone. Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product said that removing the Following tab was done for the sake of simplicity and to cut down features that most users didn’t know about. Shah explained that many are often surprised when their activities are showing up and that the Following tab isn’t fulfilling the purpose it’s meant to serve. 

This tab made its debut back in 2011 and was the hippest feature in the platform. It was how users discover new content and would show you what your friends are liking on Instagram. Things took a turn when the Explore tab was launched. 

From Following tab to the Explore tab 

The Following tab was supposedly a feature to help users discover the people and brands they want to follow. But in reality, people are using it with the wrong intentions. Aside from that, many Instagram users now go to the Explore tab when they want to find new people, places, and hashtags. These reasons prompted Instagram to remove the Following tab altogether. 

What was the Following tab for?

The Following tab raised privacy concerns for many people as it was used for sharing other users’ actions within Instagram. Most often than not, it was a way for others to micro-cheat, For example, people in a relationship use the feature to keep tabs on their significant other. 

Often, the Following tab causes a rift between friends and relationships. Others are also using the tab to see who celebrities are following and unfollowing. With the number of people now on Instagram, the tool has become a method for others use to exploit the users’ privacy. 

Shah said that now many people are aware that the Following tab exists, this would mean that it’s unlikely that the removal would affect how things work on Instagram. Rather, this removal will prove to be elemental in improving their privacy settings. 

The Following tab was gone as of yesterday but will take the rest of the week to be implemented for all its users. 

2 replies
  1. James
    James says:

    This seems like a great move to address privacy concerns. I’d only ever used the feature a handful of times and it never seemed super useful to me.

    • Ford Edwards
      Ford Edwards says:

      All of the social platforms are trying to button up potential breaches to prevent the misuse of user data and this seems like a visible feature Instagram decided to do away with before it became a bigger problem


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