New Spotify Ad Campaign

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Spotify continues to strike a chord with listeners. 

Spotify has made many platform updates in the way of new specialized playlists and podcast analytics. Capitalizing on this buzz the streaming service has drafted a new marketing campaign  titled “Listen Like You used to.” The efforts are intended to capture the attention of those that grew up from 1979 to 1999.

The campaign focus on the contrast between life now and life then. Who Wot Why, the agency behind the campaign explained that people don’t listen to music the same way anymore, “Spotify wanted us to help change this. We tapped into music nostalgia with a reminder that although your life might have changed, your music taste probably hasn’t.” 

WWW went on to note that the efforts have been predominantly confined to Out-of-home (OOH) [out-door] advertising around the UK, and was additionally rolled out through a social media other varying mediums. Additionally this is the largest splash Spotify has made in the UK.

The campaign resembles a not too distant campaign that combined the “Me, Also Me” meme and musical humor- a sort of comparison between two ideas. This ad takes that idea and personalizes the ads to those of a specific age depending on the copy. 

Olga Puzanova, Spotify’s marketing director, stated, “We all have a soundtrack to our lives and know how nostalgic songs can be, that was popular or released when we were growing up. We’re delighted that people are already starting to celebrate how we’ve brought that to life with our ‘Listen like you used to’ campaign…”

The campaign is simplistic and relies on the memories that are connected to the good ole days. It’s a great example of how ads can be simple but also make an intentional impact on an audience.  

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