LinkedIn Tests Out a Snapchat-Like Stories Feature

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Business will go on as usual on LinkedIn but, things will be a little bit more casual. 

LinkedIn is a social network, unlike the usual social media platform. It focuses on a specific nice – the professionals. LinkedIn has kept on improving its site and interface to fit the changing trend and tastes of employers and employees. 

LinkedIn’s new conversational format

LinkedIn has been making its site easier for its users. Over the years, there have been several improvements and updates including Live Video, Trending News, Reactions, and Newsletters. But these aren’t enough to keep the conversation going. 

Pete Davies, LinkedIn’s head for Content Products explained that the company’s new conversation format is similar to Snapchat’s Stories feature. Davies said conversation is an important factor in LinkedIn. The community where people from all around the world talk about their respective industries. The Stories will be a more casual way for people in the business sphere. Companies and brands can now update their stories with events, tips and tricks of their products and services, and other impactful moments. 

It’s also similar to what LinkedIn introduced back in 2018, the Student Voices where college students could post their videos to the campus playlist. However, Student Voices lacked the necessary features and its audience is limited. Stories are changing that. 

What does this mean for you?

LinkedIn hasn’t made any comments as to when the beta testing will be over and when the feature will be available for all its users. But marketers can already think ahead to how they’re going to use it to improve their brand presence. 

Many marketers make use of Instagram stories to create serialized content. This is something that you can do on LinkedIn. Your audience will be hanging to your every content and will look forward to your daily stories. You can do this too for your product promotions and sales. 

Users can also share behind-the-scenes content and any other processes inside your company. This will be a great way for you to showcase the human side of your company and the people working with you. If you are a service company, you can use this feature to introduce your services and how it can help the consumers improve their way of life. 

Like Snapchat stories, Instagram, and Facebook stories – the content will be available and visible for a full 24 hours. You can use that time frame to attract more customers and increase your engagement. 

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