Lens Web Builder Rolled Out by Snapchat

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Snap is at it again ensuring that the platform is accessible to its users. 

The social media giant Snapchat announced its latest feature – the Lens Web Builder which is useful for increasing AR campaigns more efficiently and much easier for its creators. Using the Lens Web Builder, advertisers can now make their AR Lens campaigns directly from their Ads Manager. 

Easy and free AR campaign 

The Lens Web Builder is based on three principles: simplicity, speed, and budget. Users can use it for free and will be able to access a plethora of templates. They can use this to create their AR ads. Previously, creating an AR ad in Snapchat could take a week.

Creating your AR ad is now simpler and much faster thus reducing the time of production and the actual product list. Snapchat’s U.S. creative strategy director stated this new tool is expected to lessen the burden of hiring a team of professionals and allocating their budget to more pressing needs. 

Web builder

This tool is different from the Lens Studio that rolled out from the AAO in 2017. The studio was a platform that heavily depended on 3D modeling techniques. The Lens Builder is a tool for all who want to create AR campaigns for their brands. 

The Lens web builder enables users to check out Snapchat’s library of digital effects, 3D objects, and animation. It will be the first of its kind- an app feature that mainstreams AR campaigns. Users can reapply the ads on other platforms too.

What does this mean for you?

This easy-to-learn tool is perfect for startups and small businesses who are still trying to jump into AR advertising. The tool is helpful for businesses with limited professional and financial resources. Using this web builder allows brands to stay relevant by releasing highly engaging and high-quality content. 

AR campaigns are expected to become even more mainstream in the near future. Snapchat’s Lens Web Builder will be a good practice. The number of current AR campaigns is manageable and there are very few brands that are already looking into this marketing strategy. 

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