Instagram’s New Feature Gives Users Control Over Their Data

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Instagram’s new security feature gives users control over which third-party apps can see their data and other information. 

Instagram users allow third-party apps to access their data when linking their accounts to other apps when importing or exporting photos. For Instance, apps that enable users to print their photos from Instagram or pull images to their personal websites will access the user’s data. When the access is given, these third-party apps can see users’ photos, contact details, and other information in the users’ profiles. 

Instagram recently changed this and added more security to its app and gave the users the ability to have better discretion on how they manage their information and with third-party apps they share it with.

Manage the information you share

Users can now manage their data by going to the app’s Settings panel. Select ‘Security’ and then tapping ‘Apps and Websites.’ users will be directed to the page where they can edit their security settings and remove the third-party app that they don’t want to access their information. 

When a new third-party app wants access to your information, you will be notified and an authorization page will be displayed. There will be options and a list of information that users can choose for the third-party service can access. Users can authorize an app or reject the apps’ request for accessing their data. 

The photo-sharing app wrote in their announcement update that the app aims to protect users’ data at all costs and one way of doing so is by letting the users in on the ways they can manage their information. All these features will be available over the next six months. 

This feature is very necessary. With all the websites and apps asking for access, it’s getting harder to track which apps have access to one’s data. Instagram has long battled against data abuse from third-party apps. It’s been a victim of analytic hijacking and hackers successfully hijacked location data of millions of its users. These new features are Instagram’s measure of helping users avoid privacy fiasco. 

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