Instagram Reels is Officially Out!

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Instagram continues to fight it out with TikTok as the go-to short-video app for Gen Z users. 

Image credits: Instagram 

Reels is Instagram’s biggest effort in challenging its rival TikTok in the short-form video space. The new feature is now available in 50 countries including international markets such as India, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Germany, the UK, and more. Instagram Reels, like TikTok, enables users to record and edit their short-form videos. They can also ass audios and music soundtracks to make it more appealing and viral. 

The feature is built within the Instagram camera app with editing tools such as a timer, countdown clock, and timer. Users can freely use the licensed music and user-recorded audio tracks in the app’s library. You can check out the Reels in a dedicated section from the Explore tab. In its blog, Instagram said that Reels is a new way for people to express themselves, discover the things they love, and help other creators take the center stage. 

It’s a new way for creators in the platform to find new and more audiences even when they still don’t have a strong user base. 

TikTok and Instagram Reels 

TikTok is the first app in the short-form video space. It quickly rose to popularity as it allows users to go viral and gain traction in the platform. Unlike Reels’ 15-seconds, TikTok users can make up to 60-seconds videos. Vishal Shah, Instagram’s VP of Product said that TikTok did not create the short-form video, but Shah admitted that it was TikTok that innovated it. 

Despite the claims that Reels is practically a TikTok knock-off, Shah says that Reels is different in a way that it gives users a more built-out AR platform. It’s also coming from a social media app that people already know how to use so well. Further, Shah added that businesses are normally inspired by other companies and this is just a case of example. With Reels, people now have more options to choose from. 

What does this mean for you?

Brands and creators follow there their audiences are. TikTok has been very active in ensuring that their creators are getting what they deserve. The company recently announced a $200 million fund to help creators and advertisers, they have also updated the features of their ad platforms to allow more revenues. However, the company is still in a bind due to threats of the ban. 

Although Reels still doesn’t have any monetization options in place, it’s another option for creators to expand their reach. 

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