Google Rolls Out Shoploop for Easier Shopping

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Shoploop is Google’s latest R&D project, it’s a mobile-based video shopping platform. 

Image credit: TechCrunch

Shoploop is Google’s latest experiment and is now available on the mobile web. It is a shopping platform designed to show new products to customers in 90 seconds or less. The app’s founder, Lax Poojary was previously working with Area 120 for an app called Touring Bird, an online trip planner.

Poojary said that this idea for interactive shopping came about due to how consumers use social media and e-commerce sites today for their shopping needs. He explained that before consumers make a purchase, they first check it out on social media and then check out how it works via YouTube video tutorials. While video shopping isn’t a widely popular trend, there is a considerable number of businesses that use video and commerce to sell more products. 

Interactive short video format

Shoploop is interactive, it’s more than just scrolling product photos and descriptions in your devices. It’s displays how the products can be used, it makes improves product discovery entertaining. This advertising-only platform is now only available for skincare, makeup, and nails and the company hasn’t announced further plans on expanding the platform to products. 

Consumers can check out new products in the app and see how they look. All the information comes from relatable people – consumers don’t need to check out the products in physical stores as they can see the results of the products from the 90-second video. Google said that the goal is to give consumers a platform to get real reviews, recommend products, and shop the products from the videos. Shoploop also allows consumers to save the products they like or be directed to the main websites to complete the purchase process. Buyers can also follow the Shoploop creators and share the videos with their family and friends. 

Poojary’s Shoploop isn’t a new trend. Other mobile shopping startups have introduced this concept such as Dote and Popshop Live. Both platforms raised their funds to improve their apps. Google continues to direct the company towards its mission of improving its e-commerce platform. The tech giant is looking for ways to compete against Amazon’s growing ad platform. This new interactive method for consumers is one of Google’s methods of directing consumers to advertisers on the platform.

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