GoDaddy Acquires Over

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What started as a partnership Over and GoDaddy, that turned into an acquisition

GoDaddy Inc helps startup entrepreneurs with their social media presence. Just recently, it announced its acquisition of the company Over. Over is an app that helps entrepreneurs in creating visual content for social media platforms. 

What does it do?

Over enables users to make content through their mobile devices and post the content across social platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and more. The content can also be used for websites and email marketing campaigns. The app has several features, templates, and layout for customizations to catch peoples’ attention.

With more than a million users and of the many users, there are Over 22,000 active projects every day. The app is being used in more than 150 countries worldwide and has earned a Net Promoter Score of 80. Apple awarded the app as the Best of 2019 App Trend of the Year. 

Collaboration led to an acquisition 

Justin Tsai, GoDaddy’s Vice-President of Growth and Product said, “Over’s capabilities really target those set of people, who may have an Instagram profile where they need to post visually engaging content but have never gone to GoDaddy.” Using Over’s capabilities, businesses can target specific people with profiles across channels. 

What began as a collaboration between Over and GoDaddy, turned into an acquisition. The combined efforts of both companies beneficial look to be mutually beneficial. 

Over will improve GoDaddy’s aim of helping entrepreneurs with their online presence by increasing their engagement with their customers and potential clients. 

What does this mean for you?

Many startup businesses don’t have the budget to hire creative directors for their company. While others have the skills for it, many are still struggling with how to create visual content for their products and campaigns. 

Free apps and tools like Canva are great but having different tools in your arsenal can always help. Using Over, startups don’t need to worry about their visual content and how they can improve their online presence. Entrepreneurs can use Over to build their business while also attracting potential customers using engaging content. 

Businesses can make websites via GoDaddy and then use Over to make the content for their sites. Brands now have better chances in making and competing against companies that have their designers and content creators.

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